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Farmers Savings Bank

Falcon finds fraud and shuts it down

Falcon instantly analyzes any transaction and assigns it a risk score from 1 to 999. If the risk score exceeds a threshold, a case is generated, and a SHAZAM Fraud Specialist investigates. If the transaction is found to be fraudulent, the card is blocked, and further fraud is stopped.

Falcon knows your routine

People are creatures of habit, so Falcon looks at more than 20 transaction habits and other factors to make decisions about fraud risk. Here are a few.

  • Where they normally shop
  • What they buy
  • How much they typically spend
  • What time of day they shop
  • Fraud rates in the area
  • The store's history of fraud
  • PIN or signature purchase
  • And many more

By knowing your transaction habit, Falcon can protect you from fraud!

We have added real-time scoring for maximum fraud-fighting power.

Falcon with real-time scoring analyzes transactions and either denies or approves the transaction instantly at the point of sale - so we stop fraud at the "first dollar" and eliminate subsequent fraud losses. Declined transactions are researched by SHAZAM Fraud Specialists and used to further refine your profile.

Notify us of your travel plans for uninterrupted Debit/ATM Card usage by calling any branch of First National Bank.